Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new year, new plans...

{My friend Jordan and me at Tacomania over the holiday achieving # 9. See below.}

Notes for this New Year:

1. Become more organized in the kitchen.
     - plan out meals and grocery shop before you are hungry!
     - clean out pantry; organize spices
     - clip and keep our favorite recipes in a cookbook
         + repeat favorites to get better and better at them :)
     - learn how to bake bread, to can veggies, pre-make and freeze food for the week

2. Be on time!
     - wake up earlier to share breakfast, actually pick out an outfit instead of throwing on
       what's clean and at arms length.
     - it takes longer than you expect to get ready!
     - if you aren't rushing out the door then you aren't rushing in the car
       + this will help prevent road rage.
          Note to self: throwing your arms up and yelling at innocent drivers is not cute.

3. Start doing group fitness activities like:
     - walking/strolling with Lauren and Hudson
     - biking and tennis
     - walking the dogs with Ty on a more regular basis
     - yoga with coworkers during lunch break

4. Wash car on a regular basis - you are still paying for the automobile- it should look like new.

5. Keep a detailed budget (pretty sure this has been one of my resolutions since my first allowance)
     - account for where you $ is going every month.
     - try the envelope method like Lauren and David.
       + an envelope for entertainment and put cash in it - when it's gone, it's gone!

6. Take good care of yourself by making regular doctors appointments!
     - dentist, dermatologist, optometrist, gyno

7. Continue once a week training with James, but add 1 group class and 1 cardio night.

8. Organize a proper office area that inspires creativity and organization.
     - for painting supplies, photography, magazine clippings, etc.

9. Reach out to friends you haven't spoken to in awhile by calling or sending a handwritten note.

10. Learn about gardening and practice in the backyard
     - plan an outdoor party in the spring to motivate this goal.

11. Paint more.

12. Practice the violin on a regular basis.

13. Take knitting and card making lessons from mom.

14. Find an alternative to Visine. Admit it, you are addicted. In fact, I could use some right now...

15. Plan a romantic getaway this year.

16. Remove the clutter from your life- too much excess...

17. Spend most of your time and energy with the ones you love.
     - Love unconditionally and with no restraints...


siddathornton said...

Ummmm hiiiiii - where is the LIKE button? I would definitely benefit from following these guidelines as well. One of our resolutions is the same... Mine will be up on the blog tomorrow.

siddathornton said...

PS - I especially like the note under your last one. Something I really need to work on!

Ryan W said...

Such a good picture! Re: #1, I use a 3 ring binder, and I have lots of those clear page holder things (I don't know what they're called...) and you can just slip recipes in them when you cut them out, or pages you print offline. This has cut out so many loose papers in my kitchen. Re: #13, PLEASE let me know if Diane has any knitting classes because I would looove to come! I mean if they're open to the public :)

susan said...

very ambitious!!!

Claire Jain said...

This is a really good list. I should be striving for most of this, too. I laughed out loud at the Visine comment. I'm addicted to Chloraseptic throat losenges, annnnnnnnd now I'm craving one.

linz marie said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! Ryan- the 3 ring binder is such a great idea! and Claire- I wish I were joking about the Visine ;)

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