Friday, January 27, 2012

Really, it's all about the food...Martinez Mexican

I wish that I didn't love food so much. I really do! I wish that a celery stick was all it took to make my mouth water.... but just saying celery makes me think of peanut butter. Let's just say I am not destined to be a size zero. I wouldn't label myself a foodie either, I just know what tastes good, ok!? A new restaurant in town means a new restaurants to share with you!
Does anyone remember Madison Square Garden? Martinez Mexican Restaurant recently took over that little corner of the Madison Park shopping center and since it is a hop, skip, and a jump away from the house, Tison and I thought we would give it a shot.
What are the things you look for in a Mexican restaurant? Are the chips and hot sauce good? What about the house dressing? Do they have pineapple pop? Ok, maybe you don't ask that last one- but the answers are yes, yes, and yes!!! Note: Martinez house dressing is a little runny....but has a good flavor. I love dipping chips in hot sauce and house dressing together. mmmmm....
These enchiladas had an amazing creamy green sauce on top that I have been craving since we left. This (on top of many other reasons) is how you know I am no foodie: I literally googled 'mexican green sauce for enchiladas' and my results indicate it could be called salsa verde, but I'm not really sure. Just trust me on this one, order the enchiladas with creamy green sauce. If they don't know what you're talking about, pull up this blogpost :) Note to self: Must remember the name of food ordered.

I hope everyone has a splendid weekend!
I am soooooo glad it is Friday! It took way too long to get here.



AaReAn said...

is it bad that its eight in the morning and those enchiladas look perfect for breakfast?!?! haha I LOVE MEXICAN food. I stumbled upon your blog and just had to comment :-)


Nicole Jeannette said...

Well great, now I'm starving... haha j/k (sort of...) love your blog!

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