Wednesday, May 4, 2011

camp friends are the best!

Growing up, my summers were spent on Fern Lake making friends, learning new things...growing as an independent little lady. Camp can be hard to explain to anyone who hasn't experienced it. I pull from my experiences and life lessons from Camp Fern quite often. Suffice it to say that camp helped form me into who I am today. I am forever grateful to my parents who saw the importance of Camp Fern and were gracious enough to send me and my sisters there. I am lucky to have found such great friends through it; and I look forward to when my future children experience the joy of camp.

Last week my friends Erica, Whitney, and I got together for a night of fun at Fern Retreat. No matter how much time goes by between our seeing eachother - we jump right back into the friendship. Caring and sharing about our lives. Love you girls!

Thanks for keepin' it silly :)

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