Tuesday, May 17, 2011

baby love!!!

This weekend Lauren, David, and baby Hudson came to Shreveport for a visit. On Saturday night, the new parents went on a date, so Mom and I babysat. What a chore, right? To be stuck with that sweetie-pie sugar plum...ohhhh! I could just eat 'em up!. Honestly though, I am so glad my mom was there! I realized how much I freak out when a baby starts crying. My mind is racing,"What do you want? How can I fix this? Why are you crying?! What am I doing wrong!?" Yeah, totally don't know how Lauren does it 24-7. Hudson literally outlasted me on Saturday night, he was wide-eyed at 11pm. Come on, baby... aren't you sleepy?...and I thought I was a night owl ;)
{Don't you just want to tickle those tiny toes?}
{The proud Dee Dee and Pops *and Princess Rosie of course!}
{Pure Sweetness!}

1 comment:

lrs said...

he is too cute. i want to meet him one day!

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