Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lauren's baby shower...

The baby shower was held at Mrs. Patty's house. It was the perfect setting for such a joyous occasion. It was the most beautiful day outside, so the doors were left open to allow for the breeze to flow through the house. The patio overlooks the lake and offered the most serene landscape for the party.

 {Meet Oscar, the stork, that Mom HAD-TO-HAVE for the party!}
 {Doesn't my mom look precious carrying all those gift bags!? Love it...}
 L to R: Aunt Susan & Lauren, Mom & Mrs. Patty, and Lauren & Roxanne
L to R: Lauren & Mrs. Capi (Laur's mom-in-law), Mrs. Mary (Laur's Godmother) & me, and Lauren & Mrs. Cynthia (sister Leslie's Godmom)
 L to R: Anne & Mrs. Hogan, Lauren & Mamaw, and Mom & Mrs. Karen
Lauren received so many beautiful baby items! Thank you all for making it extremely special.
I love you, Lauren.

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susan said...

It was a beautiful shower only made lovelier by my beautiful nieces. I adore being included in the events that mark your lives. I will always cherish my wonderful young women.

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