Tuesday, September 24, 2013

burgers, brews, and blues...Twisted Root Opening!

 Ann and Grant invited us (along with most of Shreveport) to the private opening of their new restaurant, Twisted Root, this weekend.

As the doors opened, I was struck by the industrial, yet homey feel--exposed ceilings, corrugated aluminum siding and unfinished plywood--these unexpected materials were visually interesting and I instantly felt at ease. The line was long with many recognizable faces from around the area ready to partake in their first hamburger or buffalo Twisted Root Burger. Each month they will feature a different type of meat to choose from such as: Venison, Elk, Lamb, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Emu, Boar, or Alligator. How exciting!
We first made our way to the bar that was decorated with old records and guitars. There were many choices of beers on tap, but considering my current condition, I chose the pecan root beer and made my way to the covered brick patio. Both the root beer and the patio were AMAZING! This patio might be my new favorite place to "tailgate" during football season.
 Lauren and David got in line and ordered for us. I chose The Western that was served with fried onion rings, bacon, pepperjack, and jalapanos! Tison had The Ranch Hand and said it was "the best burger I've ever had that I didn't make myself." This is definitely high praise. I couldn't have been happier with my choice either! You could seriously mix and match to get a different burger every time you go. Their choice of side sauces that are conveniently already at your table were also very tasty. I added the BBQ sauce to my western buffalo burger and it was right on the money. Lauren went with the fries instead of the sweet potato chips that it comes with. Order the fries every time people. They are delicious! I am so excited to see such a fun, new restaurant open in a different location that Youree Drive.
 It opens to the public today and if you don't have dinner plans yet, I highly suggest you go TONIGHT! I wish you the best of luck Ann and Grant- but I don't think you're gonna need it ;) xoxo
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