Wednesday, August 14, 2013

an epic adventure...

Well, the news is out! T and I are expecting our first little one! Can you believe it? I am still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. From calling to set up my first ultrasound at 5 weeks and telling the lady, "I think I'm pregnant" and her explaining that you don't get a false positive on an at home pregnancy test - just false negatives... to the ultrasound tech telling us "according to the size of the yolk sak, your baby was conceived on May 18th" (our wedding day!!!).... to hearing the little bean's heartbeat for the first time. I was in mid sentence going on about something or other when I heard it. It was like time stopped. Immediately tears began pouring out of my eyes. I will never forget Tison saying afterwards, "That was the sound that changed my life. It was like the first time you told me you loved me." I mean, really! I couldn't stop the tears at that point. My latest appointment- before I shared the news with you all - we saw this perfect little baby head and body pop up on the screen and T said, "Is that a stock photo or our baby?" It was that perfect and growing so fast! I couldn't get over the little feet and toes! T has already purchased like 5 books about pregnancy and how to be a great dad - the kicker is he's reading them! (mine are gathering dust while I watch an episode of Mad Men before hitting the hay.)

Pregnancy, man. I tell ya - it is exhausting! I have never been more tired. Well, I take that back- a few of the times I have stayed out until 4am might be the exception - but growing a baby really takes it out of a gal! By the end of the work day all I want to do is crawl in bed. I have heard this is a side effect of the 1st trimester. The crazy part is- you're not supposed to have very much caffeine. It's like some evil joke! hahaha- you're so tired you need toothpicks to hold up your eyes?!? Don't even think about a cup of coffee or a 5hr energy or a sweet tea! As of tomorrow I will be entering into my 2nd trimester though - 13 weeks - hooray! Where a resurgence of energy is supposed to magically reappear! I'll let you know how that goes. I'm not complaining- I haven't experience morning sickness or crazy cravings and for that i consider myself lucky. I don't know if it is pregnancy or a lack of self discipline, but I wasn't eating carbs AT ALL on my wedding diet- it is ALL i wanted the 1st trimester. I am trying to get back to a healthy balance of whole grains, protein, fruits, and veggies. I have also been trying to push through the tiredness to hit the gym - but I think the most I have done is 2-3x on a good week.

I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love we got from friends last week when we spread the news. I got to catch up with so many people through facebook messages, texts, and ACTUAL phone calls! It is so fun being able to share the news and explain- no, I'm not letting myself go after the wedding- I'm PREGNANT! haha. I have started to notice a nice little tire forming around my belly button area that I am joyfully calling my fat pad. It is too early for baby to be showing- so I have the carbs that kicked nausea to thank for my little padded friend.

On Saturday my friend Rachael organized a celebration at Superior (a Superior Celebration) to honor our news. I got a "mom to be" pin to wear and everything!  I even stayed out until 9:30pm which I consider a huge feat these days. Thanks for coming out, everybody.

We are in for an EPIC adventure!!
 {look at these adorable decorations - confetti, baby bottles, and a homemade chocolate cake bear!)


Russell Crews said...

Congrats on the sex.

siddathornton said...

you are too cute!

Anonymous said...


Some blogs with cute maternity fashion inspiration:
(you'll have to search back a little)

And some fave mom reading/resources:

If you don't already have one, ask for an iPad for Christmas! That was the best when my baby was a newborn, I carried it to wherever I was breast feeding and could read books or blogs while he ate without having to hold a book, turn pages, turn on lights at night, etc. Oh and I used an app to track feedings- BabyTimer. It becomes such a blur you won't remember when you nursed last, which boob you used, etc. it's very handy!

Congrats, again! (oh and the wives tails say no morning sickness means its a boy :)

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