Wednesday, January 23, 2013

wedding update...and a handmade gift!

I'd like to say I'm not one of those brides that feels overwhelmed - that everything seems to be falling in place with practically no stress or effort on my part...but that would be a big lie. I am for sure enjoying the planning process, however, it does sometimes feel like a full time job- on top of a full time job. Squeezing in meetings on lunch breaks and weekends really takes a toll on your "social life" and everyday normal routines. I am beginning to understand why brides only talk about their upcoming nuptials! It's because that's all they have been doing! With that said, I haven't been blogging because it just seemed like something else I had to add to the to-do list and no one wants me to blog like it's my job, right?!

 In any event- on the topic of weddings, I would like to post about my dear friend, Diane. She was in town after the holidays visiting her in-laws and me, of course! As an upholstery apprentice in South Carolina for the last 6 months, Diane offered to reupholster one of my "side of the road" lazy-boy finds as a gift for our wedding. She came into the house with all her power tools and took over for 3 half days until the chair was complete. I'll tell ya, I am still overwhelmed when I look at the finished product and I'm in awe at the wealth of knowledge she has collected in her new position; and on top of that, the fact that she has chosen to share her time and talent with me is really the ultimate gift. Diane- I applaud you and your bad-assery :)

This improved 1978 lazy boy is now a point of contention between Tison and I as we now argue over who gets the recliner! :) Thank you again for all your hard work! We love it.

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