Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Orleans & All That Jazz...the Bacchus Ball

So, about a month before the Bacchus Ball I researched dresses on Rent the Runway. I went back and forth, back and forth about what to rent or if I should even rent a dress. I decided to go for it and bring a back up dress just in case the Rent the Runway dress didn't work out. I had scheduled the rental to be delivered directly to the hotel in New Orleans the day I arrived. After many calls to the front desk, the delivery was no where to be found. I was having a mini panic attack. What if I can't find the dress? Do I have to pay full price for that sucker?!... Luckily the bellman was able to track it down the next day. It had been mixed in with a delivery for the maid service. We almost had a little 'Maid in Manhattan' moment!

This is the dress I ordered. Gorgeous, right?! Typically Rent the Runway sends you two sizes of the same dress, just in case, but they didn't have a backup available so I just went for it. I am so glad i brought a backup dress! That screen siren gown didn't zip 1/2 way up my I was disappointed, but wasn't going to let it ruin my evening. The simple black dress was perfect. {Thanks Katie for letting me borrow it!}

{Russell and Tison were my dates for the evening. We dined on the largest seafood platter you can imagine and RAN in stilletos to convention center so we wouldn't get locked out before parade began! Don't all of the ladies look gorgeous in their dresses! Will Ferrell was THE BEST King. Love him!}
{This video is kind of long, but I just wanted you to see how cool he was. Can you believe his dad performed! Adorbs.}
{A huge heavy bag of beads nailed me on the head. I literally started crying instantly. I am such a baby. See the ice pack above for confirmation.}
{Richard and Philip joined us after they finished riding on the mardi gras float. We were dancing and having a good time by then!}
{Doesn't Ty look handsome in his James Bond tux?! -socute- Laissez le bon temps rouler.}

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