Monday, February 27, 2012

New Orleans & All That Jazz...

Hey dreamers. It's been awhile. When my sister Les and my bf Lauren reminded me that I needed to blog, I knew it had been a long time. Not that I need to make excuses for not blogging because I do this for fun, but I will let you know what I've been up to. I went to New Orleans with friends for Mardi Gras last weekend and came back with strep throat. I haven't had it since I was in college! I thought those sick days were over when I got my tonsils out, but I guess I partied too much in the dirty south. My dad gave me a shot last Wednesday and I am finally feeling more like myself.  It is amazing how immobilizing strep throat can be. It's not the same as when you are a kid and you miss a day of school. I stressed out and felt guilty about calling in sick to work. I worried about the things that would pile up for me while I was out or the burden I would cause my coworkers by not being there. Isn't it interesting how we feel guilty about slowing down and actually take care of ourselves? Even asking for or accepting help can be hard. It was a nice humbling week of realizing how I need to take better care of myself, that pulling the covers over my head to sleep off a 101 degree tempature isn't being lazy, and when I do feel terrible it's ok to accept help from others. Thanks Tison and Mom for doting on me.

Now- on  a lighter note- who wants to see Mardi Gras pictures?! 'cause there are A LOT!!!
{Shortly after we arrived on Friday night, I met Captain Morgan and got to throw beads off the balcony.}
{We walked around looking for a place to lunch on Saturday and happened upon The Green Goddess. I was perusing my Food and Wine Magazine earlier in the month and snapped an iphone photo of this drink and thought, "I must remember to try this when we go down to New Orleans, but I'll probably never find it." But find it we did! And I ordered that there cocktail from the creator and goddess herself, Lizette. Every bit of this masterpiece was fresh-squeezed, mixed, and perfected by hand. It is called the Ninjarita. "Hawaiian black lava salt rims a tribute to the city's favorite saviors in a bled of Azunia gold tequila, Mathilde orange liqueur, fresh satsuma juice, ginger syrup, black pepper syrup, fresh lime juice, and Gekkeikan sake." I mean, wow. }
{If that drink wasn't enough reason to go in, we ordered andouille shrimp and grits that was to-die-for. I'm pretty sure I will crave this for the rest of my life. This is going to become a must stop place for me every time I go to NO.}

We were all lunched up and ready to browse through art gallerys, light shops, jewelry stores and that diamond ring I tried on costs $20,000!!! whaa....t? and as you can see, we also saw Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins. aaaa-chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim cher-eee...}

{Well, it started POURING outside- so what did we do? We ran into the Tropical Isle, of course! We're a couple of parrot heads. What was the most popular drink of the weekend you ask? SHARK ATTACK!!!}

Check back tomorrow. I'll be finishing up the Mardi Gras weekend pictures :) I hope everyone is well!



siddathornton said...

yayyyyy! so glad you are feeling better annnndddd that you blogged :)

love your new orleans pictures - makes me wanna go there.

susan said...

Oh, My...I may need a copy of that photo of the New Orleans street in the rain. God Bless your sick little self.

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