Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Orleans & All That Jazz...take 2

{On Saturday evening Emily and the girls finally made it in to New Orleans. They had a hell of a time maneuvering through the rain all day from Houston. I was super excited to see them. The concierge at the W Hotel suggested Capdeville for dinner, so we put on our lipstick and walked a few blocks over.}
{Starting from left to right we have fried red beans and rice with green onion aioli and hot sauce. On the top right are jalepeno, sweet corn & cheddar fritters. We also tried the smoked salmon deviled eggs, but I guess we ate them so quickly I forgot to catch a picture first. Also photographed here are the steak frites with red wine butter and bleu cheese. I ordered the Truffle Mac and Cheese. It blew me away. The waitress suggested ordering the smaller portion and add grilled chicken. I could kiss her- it was perfecto! Dinner was followed by a few drinks at the W Hotel bar and a walk down Bourbon. It was shoulder to shoulder jam packed with people. Richard and I eventually lost the group. I have completely no sense of direction and only knew how to get back to the hotel! Needless to say, it was an early night.}
{Sunday began by hopping in a local record shop on Decatur in search of new music for my valentines gift - a record player. We picked up LCD Soundsystem and Fleet Foxes. Eeek! I am so excited about it.}
{I am sure everyone has their favorite oyster spot in the Big Easy, but this one is mine. I tried Felix's with my friend Rachael on Mardi Gras weekend a few years back. Their oysters are so fresh, the hot sauce is so spicy, the crackers- well, the crackers are the same everywhere. It's a killer combo though. And even though I prefer a speared fried pickle, those little pickle chips were pretty damn good.}
{I ran into my sister Leslie and her friend Mary at Felix's. She also found a new puppy! ;D}
{A little jaunt down North St. Peters led us to Urban Outfitters and straight into the French Market where Russell and I ordered the Dirty Banana, a nice blend of organic banana, amaretto, coffee liqueur, and vanilla bean. You must wonder if I ever stop snacking? The answer is no. No, I don't.}

*For some reason the blogger server is rejecting my Bacchus Ball photos - the WHOLE reason we went down there! Ah, well. I guess I will have to drag this on for another day. See y'all tomorrow?

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