Friday, April 26, 2013

on wedding dresses and tilapia pan fried in butter...

Chessi and I drove to Dallas last Thursday for my first dress fitting at Stanley Korshak. I don't know why I was so nervous about it, but I could barely sleep the night before. When we arrived my hands were shaking. This isn't just a sample... the sales associate unzips the hanging bag to reveal THE dress. As I step into it, I look in the mirror to basically find a pretty sheet draped over my shoulders. "Where's the dress I fell in love with," I wondered with a concerned look on my face. At just about that moment I hear the all too familiar "POP" of champagne. Chessi had packed it in her bag all the way from Shreveport, just for this moment. And so from the bottle I drank standing in my wedding dress with the sales lady's jaw on the floor. Listen - you do whatcha gotta do.

Yesterday (a week from my first appt. with Chessi), my mom and I drove back to Dallas to see if the dress had taken shape. My bridal photos are this Saturday, so there really was no time to waste. I have (and am continuing to) learn that wedding dress alterations are a process that involves many fittings. After a brief debacle about whether to stay the night in Dallas to have more alterations done or not, I drove back to Shreveport with my wedding dress that is fit to my body and ready to be photographed tomorrow.

This would be an appropriate time to share a photo of the item I have been discussing throughout this post, but you will just have to wait until after May 18th ;) Instead, I will show you how Chessi, Stafford and I celebrated the end of the nerve racking first fitting.
a little butter goes a long way in regards to happiness, in my opinion.

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