Monday, April 15, 2013

my wedding dress has landed...

That's right, friends. My wedding dress has made it's way to Dallas, all the way from the United Kingdom. I am itching to get there and see it, touch it, try it on... my first fitting is one month away from my wedding day- this Thursday. I have butterflies just thinking about it. Will it be as I remember it from October, when mom and I found "the one"? Will all my workouts and dieting prove to be worth it when i turn around and see myself in the mirror for the first time? Will I cry?

I have been obsessing about jewelry and shoes- sending my mom and sisters links to things I have found online the last few months, but have I ordered anything yet? No. Do I have a veil yet? No. Am I a little bit nervous about getting all of this done and being happy with the woman -the bride- I see in the mirror before walking down the aisle toward my future husband? YES!

...and because I don't like posts without pictures here are a few of my beautiful friends. Lindsey was just married this past weekend - Congratulations!!
and Lacey is only two weeks away from her big day! Hooray!!!

This week's wedding goals (which hits the one month mark) include:
- creating, finalizing, and ordering ceremony programs
- pick out a wedding band ring
- find wedding shoes before fitting
- continue writing thank you notes for the fabulous wedding showers I have had
  (pictures are up on facebook, but I'm still doing a blog post soon)
- order bridesmaid gifts
- complete a few diy projects
- wedding dress fitting on Thursday
- go over wedding day details/create schedule and send to vendors and wedding party
- meet with photographer about bridal session location and specific shots I want
- find/order/or borrow bridesmaid luncheon dress and rehearsal dinner dress

Before I finish this post I just have to comment on the Boston Marathon bombing. My heart goes out to all that have been affected by this terrible act of terrorism. I will continue to pray for all that were involved in this tragedy.


siddathornton said...


YAY! your wedding dress!

i can't wait to see you... SOON.

Susan said...

No matter what is on your feet and head, you will walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress. Don't sweat the small stuff.

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