Tuesday, February 12, 2013

all on a mardi gras day...

For those of you that know, celebrate, and love Mardi Gras, do you not agree that it has a similar joyfulness to that of the Christmas season? The parties, the food, the excitement? (Is that scandalous to say about a holiday based on pagan celebrations?! I don't care- i still love it.)

Last year we went down to New Orleans for the Bacchus Ball and had an amazing time, but this year we stayed on our home turf and went to Tison's favorite parade, The Krewe of Highland Parade! Kate and Brandon threw a little get together that lasted way after night fall (even though the parade ended around 5.) It could have been the homemade fried mushrooms or mozzarella sticks; it could have been that I played my first-ever game of Clue, while I watched the movie Clue (so meta), but I think it was because we didn't want Kate to win at Cards Against Humanity! Don't worry- she did anyway. That girl knows how to put together a funny sentence ;)

Happy Fat Tuesday, y'all!

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