Friday, October 5, 2012

Canton 2012 recap...

"Life is like a camera. 
Just focus on what's 
important and capture 
the good times,
develop from the 
negatives and if things
don't work out, just
take another shot."

Check out the 2012 Crewe of Canton in all their glory. Happy happy Birthday, Lucy!
I gathered a lot of Halloween decorating ideas with the abundance of fall booth displays. I'm going to try to do this above my door. (we will see how that goes...)
My favorite moment of the trip was when we had "I Love Lucy" time at the end of day 1. Everyone told Lucy why she is so special and loved while we toasted with Veuve Clicquot champagne. It was mushy-gushy and yes, I cried.
Day 2 outfit = bright pink t's. I found some vintage trays I hope to use at my reception. I also picked up a few hostess gifts for my upcoming engagement party :)
Do you like our "bar" on the side of the U-Haul? Of course we ended the day with quilt time where we discussed and showed off our treasures over wine and cake balls before heading to Val's for dinner. These ladies are really something special and every time I leave this rare and extraordinary weekend, I am reminded of how special family is. Thank you ladies for showing me how to focus on what's important by just being yourselves. Until next year!

{pictures from my iphone}

PS - When Mom and I left Canton we drove to Dallas to try on wedding dresses and guess what?! I found the one! First place- first dress! Yesssss. I am so in love with this dress. I can't stop thinking about it. I had that "this is it, I don't need to try on any more" moment I have been waiting for. Only 7 more months, dreamers. I am getting pretty excited.

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Megan Wait said...

You have such a cute blog and I love your photos!

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