Friday, August 3, 2012

just a couple a lucys...

A couple of weekends ago, my parents along with Tison, and I experienced our first couples date together. A first of many to come I'm sure. We piled in mom's car and hit the road toward East Texas. On the west side of Marshall in Harleton, Texas lies a vineyard named Enoch's Stomp where acres upon acres of rolling hills are covered with grapes on the vine. I'm awfully glad this fifth generation grape grower found his way from South Africa to America. The evening was filled with wine tasting, dinner, grape stomping, and vineyard touring. It was extremely hot, especially after Mom and I completed the grape stomping competition, but the atmosphere reminded me of A Walk in the Clouds.  Remember that one?
My coworker and friend Katie and her roommate Britney met us there.
After dinner the grape stomping competition began. My mom and I split the 10 minute stomp in two. I can tell you, it is a real workout stomping for 5 minutes straight. and don't get me started on the pressure! Mom and I are competitive!
I really thought we had it, but alas. Someone out stomped us. Isn't the color of that grape juice disgusting? Who wants a glass?
There was some confusion with the purchasing of our tickets, but when Dad upgraded Mom and I, a perk was getting t-shirts! Thanks, Dad. (even though you called me and Mom a couple of Lucy's)
All in all, it was a wonderful first date with my parents. ;)

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Jennifer Steadman said...

This looks so fun! Thanks for sharing!!

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