Tuesday, July 17, 2012

after ballooning...

{Saturday: birthday weekend}

I was up so early for my ballooning adventure on Saturday that I wasn't even sure what to do with myself at 7:45 am when I was done. I went and had coffee with my parents, then met with Chessi and Stafford for a champagne breakfast. We picked up Another Broken Egg to-go, played with Stafford, and did some yoga. {my hamstrings are STILL sore!}
He is such a ham ;) After I left Chessi's house, Lauren and I went to Hollywood Nails in Pierremont Mall for pedicures. The electricity when out in the middle of it, leaving the massage chair punching into my back and my feet in cold water, but my toes look pretty in purple! When I got home, Tison asked me what I wanted to do for the evening and "lasagna" burst out of my mouth. Soon we were on the way to the store to get ingredients for homemade lasagna and a bottle of wine, of course.
Blame it on my age or on my early wake up call, but a tv tray with my favorite dish and complete control of the remote is my idea of a good night.
Thanks for the excellent service, Tison. Dinner was delicioso! Do you like my outfit? Fancy, right! And yes, I have Strawberry Abita in my hand and wine on my tray. After all, it was my birthday weekend!

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