Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ZeltaMae Magazine...

Hey dreamers!

I have been slacking in the blogging dept. lately, but not for lack of picture taking or simply sitting on my arse. About 6 months ago I was photographing the musician Marc Cogman when I met Amanda, a recent graphic design grad from Louisiana Tech. We clicked instantly and she told me about her and her mother's dream of starting a magazine in the Shreveport-Bossier area. As fate would have it, she was interested in my photography so I led her to this little ole blog. Who would have thought that I'd be the Director of Photography for a new publication due to the humble photos I have on focused Linz! It has been a bumpy road, but also an incredible ride. Honestly, it is a lifelong dream of working for a magazine turned into reality. I get to work with an incredibly creative and talented team of Southern women. All of us are working on ZeltaMae in our "free time" and I am inspired daily by everyone's dedication. Your support for this blog and my photography keep me motivated. I truly appreciate all of you.

ZeltaMae celebrates family and our southern culture. Articles include self help such as organization, relaxation, health and beauty, travel, and cooking. Over the weekend the ZeltaMae girls went down south to capture some photos and experiences for an upcoming travel article. It was not only editorial worthy, but a super-fun weekend getaway! Can't wait to share it with you the meantime, check out the September issue at the ZeltaMae website. In fact, the cover of the September issue was done by me and my mom. Of course Mom did all of the cooking! It was so much fun setting up this shoot with her :) She has an exceptional eye for styling and having her by my side helped create what I consider a great cover shot!

If you have any suggestions or inquiries about ZeltaMae please email me at

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