Monday, September 26, 2011

Glitz & Grits weekend {via iphone}

Sometimes I am in love with my iphone...I love that I use it as my watch, (video)camera, calculator, bank, facebook updater, twitter-er, for heytelling, mapquesting, checking the weather, pandora-ing, looking at the tv guide, and sending emails. Not to mention any question I might have about anything at all can be answered with my intellegent little phone....but (we all knew there was going to be a but) when I don't take my camera to events because it's "too big" and say "I'll just use my iphone" I am always disappointed that I made that decision. Maybe you don't feel as passionately about photos as I do (to be honest, I don't know many that do), but things in life only happen once and I like to capture them accurately. These photos below show that Cory, Shelley, Tison, and I had a lot of fun at the Glitz & Grits 2011 event at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum on Friday night. It just shows it in a rather blurry way :) The catering was by The Cotton Boll. I had no idea they catered! The Cotton Boll Grill is one of my favorite local homestyle cookin' restaurants. The band looked like they wanted to be somewhere else, but we got out on the dance floor and did our thang.

{Artist George Rodrigue's "Blue Dogs on the Red River" were exhibited at the event, although we must have missed the secret room because we went around the whole circle that is LA St. Exhibit Museum and didn't see one blue dog painting! 40 pieces will remain up through the end of the year so I suppose I will have to make a trip back}.

{I know, I know- we are adorable...}
{cake balls = big hit}
{"doin' our thang"}
{and Shelley and I rolled away in this...}


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