Friday, August 19, 2011

last of the New Orleans pics...

 {Lauren was Maid of Honor for Catherine and Will's wedding at The Most Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church. I love that the gentlemen wore tails and white gloves. So fancy! Catherine looked stunning, of course.}
 {The reception was held at the Audubon Tea Room. They passed out Mardi Gras masks and had a kickin' band!}
 {On Sunday we met the folks, Mrs. Mary and Mr. Roy, Laef and Sarah at The Ruby Slipper for brunch.}
 {Who doesn't love brunch!?}
{It has been a long time since I have been in a small independent bookstore. Aren't they magical? I am pretty sure Tison and I could have spent the whole day in the Garden District Book Shop if we didn't have to drive back to Shreveport. We picked up the audio book Bossypants read by the author herself, Tina Fey. It is hilarious! A must read/listen.}

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