Thursday, September 6, 2012

wedding update: dress shopping

The wedding planning is coming along... and it's really creeping into my blogging time! Sorry I have been absent the last few weeks, but I'd like you to know I now have a florist, photographer, transportation, wedding music, and band. Thank you all for your suggestions! I am meeting with Allison with Aly B's Bakery next week and the priest to go over our FOCCUS test the following week. Yay!

The next biggest challenge is going to be finding THE dress. Two weekends ago my aunt, mom, and I went to breakfast at Another Broken Egg, then met my Lauren at Happily Ever After to try on wedding dresses off the rack. As a first time wedding dress tryer-oner, this was, not surprisingly, an emotional experience for me and I was beyond thrilled to have the ones I love surrounding me. When the consultant placed the veil on my head the tears came rolling down my cheeks and I started shaking from the inside out. Everyone was shouting, "Oh, this is it. This is the dress!" and I am thinking, "No, no, this isn't it, but look at me?! I'm a bride!" It was a pretty surreal moment.

After we left Happily Ever After, we went to Bella Bridesmaid to see what Lauren, the matron of honor, and I liked for bridesmaid dresses. I am pretty sure my colors are going to be dusty rose with hints of champagne and gold. We had fun trying on dresses, talking about honeymoons, and dreaming of the big day. Although I didn't find my wedding dress, I will treasure this day forever.

The search continues...tonight I am going to Azarues to try on more dresses with Leslie. This weekend I am going to New Orleans for a work reconnaissance trip and while I'm there I have set up an appointment with Wedding Belles for Saturday morning. I will try to be better about documenting these wedding planning moments and sharing them here on the blog with you.

Next week my goal is to find a design for our invitations. Do you have any suggestions/ideas or websites/shops we should look at?

xoxo - Linz
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